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There are two main categories of TISI Standards Marks that are applicable today. They are the product certification marks and the system certification marks.
Product certification marks
As the name suggests, product certification marks, of which there are three, apply only in the case of product certification. These marks differ according to the type of standard applied for, and are to be shown directly on the products which have complied.

Standards Mark - voluntary
The presence of this mark on any product indicates that the product is in conformity with a TISI standard, that its quality and reliability are assured, and that the manufacturer has voluntarily applied for the certification of the product.

Standards Mark - compulsory
This mark is displayed on products, local or imported, that are required by Royal Decree to be in conformity with a mandatory standard. Hence, the manufacture and import of such products must be licensed.

Safety Mark
Certain products are additionally attached with safety requirements which are also mandatory. These products require a license for their manufacture and/or import as in the case of those under compulsory standards. They bear the Safety Mark after demonstrating compliance.

System certification marks
Unlike product standards marks which are displayed directly on the product, certification marks are used only on printed documents and advertisement media to indicate compliance of an organization with the respective system or scheme requirements. They are prohibited to be used on the product or in any way as to imply that a product is certified.

Quality System Certification Mark
Only organization operating a good quality system meeting the requirements of ISO 9000 and registered as certified firm by TISI has the right to use this mark.

Environmental Management System Certification Mark
Organization which is successful in the implementation of an environmental management system to ISO 14000 and has been certified by TISI is entitled to use this mark.

Laboratory Accreditation Mark
After assessment by TISI confirms a laboratory' s competence and compliance with ISO/IEC Guide 25, the laboratory can make use of the laboratory accreditation mark.